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Safeguarding the Small Blue

Location: Rugby. Warwickshire.

The Small Blue butterfly has suffered a severe decline in distribution across Britain and is listed under Section 41 of the NERC Act (2006). This project will restore and expand the habitat required for its survival through targeted conservation work undertaken with the support of volunteers and the local community.

The Small Blue is one of the rarest butterflies in the West Midlands and is designated as a local biodiversity priority species as well as being listed under Section 41 of the NERC Act (2006). This project carried out practical conservation to improve habitat conditions for the Small Blue across four degraded grassland sites in partnership with the landowners, and provided opportunities for local volunteers to participate in conservation.


The project has created a more sustainable habitat for the Small Blue, Grizzled Skipper and Dingy Skipper butterflies and Chalk Carpet moth. As much as possible the Kidney Vetch and Common Bird’s-foot-trefoil see and Wild Strawberry plug plants were locally sourced. The project promotes health and well-being by encouraging local people to become active in their local environment.

Community members benefiting

Everyone living or visiting the area benefit from a biodiversity rich landscape. Survey volunteers will learn butterfly and plant identification skills, practical conservation volunteers will learn practical skills, and both will benefit from fresh air, exercise and social interaction with like-minded people.

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