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Funded projects

Newbridge Park Community Wood, Pickering: enhancing access, facilities and biodiversity

Location: Pickering. North Yorkshire.

The work comprised of three major activities: Improving the main public footpath which passes through the woods; restoring the improving the family picnic area; further woodland management work to enhance biodiversity.

Using local stone chippings, 50m of the main woodland path has been surfaced including the entire section from the entrance of the woods and the picnic area and three further sections prone to water-logging. This now provides proper hard access to the woods and improves access and usage by walkers during winter/wet weather. The picnic area has been restored. This work is ongoing and has been handed onto their local Explorer Scouts who have now agreed to take on regular volunteering projects within the woods; the picnic area restoration being the first.


Materials were sourced from local suppliers to minimise transport. This included bulk stone chip delivered from the local quarry, and bulk woodchip from a local forest. By March 2015 500 trees were replanted which is more than was removed.

Community members benefiting

Walkers, bikers, horse riders and families will benefit from this project. Pickering is a major tourist destination and the woods will attract a significant number of visitors.

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