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Strengthening communities by funding local projects

Welcome to the CEMEX Community Fund; a not for profit organisation which is funded by landfill tax credits and donations from CEMEX UK. The Fund is run independently and supports projects which improve local community facilities and places of interest near CEMEX operations across the country.

CEMEX is one of the UK’s largest building material companies. The company provides aggregates, asphalt, cement, readymixed concrete and a range of pre-cast concrete products. While it always seeks to minimise impact, the company recognises that its business has consequences for people and the environment.

The CEMEX Community Fund, which was established in 2004, seeks to help balance these impacts, and is an integral part of CEMEX’s vision of a successful company that makes a positive contribution to people and the environment. See the previous projects we have supported here.
Stage 1: open to all applicants
Stage 2: open to shortlisted applicants only

Application dates for 2014

Stage 1 Deadline: February 2014 (Applicants)
Minutes and feedback by:February 2014 (Consultant)

Stage 2 Deadline: May 2014 (Applicants)
Minutes and feedback by:June 2014 (Consultant)

Stage 1 Deadline: September 2014 (Applicants)
Minutes and feedback bySeptember 2014 (Consultant)

Stage 2 Deadline: December 2014 (Applicants)
Minutes and feedback by: December 2014 (Consultant)